Angela Alvig, CPA

Simplify Wealth: Our Highlights From 2020

Published December 202010 minute readInsights from Angela Alvig

Simplify Wealth: Our Highlights From 2020

Published in December 10 minute read Insights from Angela

Over the course of this year, our Simplify Wealth team has had the opportunity to help our clients in a number of meaningful ways. We really enjoy the work that we do and want to share highlights from this last year

We welcomed four new team members and expanded our client service lines

We implemented EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) for our business. This system is helping us maintain a clear vision, be accountable to that vision and become a healthier, more cohesive team.

A client became hospitalized while on vacation in Texas. We traveled to meet him, helped get FAA approved oxygen and flew back homewith him to Minnesota. 

We took over the administration of a family office when a client’s office manager retired.   We created processes and efficiencies that the client and their professional advisors find valuable. 

A member of our team became aware that a ninety-year-old client was continually getting notices that magazines needed to be renewed. When looking into it, she discovered one of his subscriptions was paid through 2027 and was able to cancel the extra years, putting actual renewal dates on the calendar.

While helping a client couple sort through their house, we found twenty-nine high-value gift cards that our clients were no longer able to use due to health complications. We were able to sell all of them on their behalf for an amount that was significant to them. 

We coordinated a construction project for a client whose tenant is a government agency. Our client was able to remain stress-free and confident that all the complex government requirements of this very valuable lease were met.

Anticipating upcoming restrictions at an assisted living facility with only one phone, a team member ordered a simple cell phone for a client resident. No longer able to have in-person visits, she is grateful to still talk daily with friends, family, and her husband, who still lives at home

We helped coordinate a valuation of afamily investment partnership, to take advantage of current gifting opportunities.

A team member convinced a small-town post office in Wyoming to add 100 more PO boxes so our client and his remote neighbors could receive mail. The whole town is grateful for her hard work! 

A client’s son, now living in Portugal, emailed us about a current bill for an insurance policy that his recently deceased father typically paid.  Despite the restrictions surrounding visits at long-term facilities, we were able to set up a special meeting with our client, his mom, to get the payment out on time.

One of our team members was happy to support a long-time client by joining her team in The National Kidney Foundation Walk. He enjoyed spending the day with her, her friends and her family for a cause that was so important to them

A team membersupported a client when a scam artist hacked his computer and got full access to all his information. Alongside his family, they were able to quickly lock down and monitor his accounts, place freezes on credit bureaus and prevent any financial harm from occurring. 

Our team worked with a homebound client who was unable to cash several dated checks issued earlier in the year. We contacted each of the vendors on the client’s behalf to ensure all checks were honored and all funds were received by the client and deposited into his account. 

We planned and facilitated several family meetings. Our involvement provided a professional and neutral forum to hear from all family members, allowing the parents to be participants rather than run the meeting

We coordinated the moves of 4 different clients to new homes, some across state lines. These were complex projects that required the vast organization skills of ourteam members working together.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service to our clients and are excited for new opportunities in 2021! 

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