Angela Alvig, CPA

10 Unique Ways We Helped Clients This Month

Published October 20205 minute readInsights from Angela Alvig

With the change of seasons, you might feel motivated to organize your home, knock tasks off your to-do list or reassess your goals. To spur you on, we thought it would be helpful to share a few things we’ve been doing with our clients to help them stay on top of their responsibilities.

Here is Simplify Wealth’s list of 10 Unique Ways We Helped Clients this Month.

#10 We gave FAFSA guidance

When it came time for a client’s child to fill out the FAFSA form, we helped explain it and had the numbers on hand for quick and easy reference.

#9 We paid bills just in time

We started bill pay services for a new client and discovered a drawer of unpaid bills. We were able to catch their Q3 estimated tax payment on time and renewed their Homeowner’s Insurance Policy on the day it was going to be cancelled.

#8 We became Co-Trustee

When a couple with health challenges needed oversight on their finances now and in the future, we signed on as their Attorney-In-Fact and Co-Trustee. Our team was able to get their home ready for sale and find important financial documents to address their immediate concerns.

#7 We met civic duties

We assisted a client in filling out the 2020 Census and applying for an absentee ballot when it was important to them to meet obligations, but they felt too overwhelmed to do it alone.

#6 We coordinated a move

When a client moved their permanent residency from MN to FL, we completed the necessary paperwork and tasks, allowing them to focus on setting up their new home.

#5 We reviewed charitable giving

We sat down with a client and reviewed her charitable giving. She was then able to increase her monthly donations to organizations that are important to her.

#4 We introduced technology

We suggested remote conferencing to a client and helped set it up. Then we helped him set up 3-way phone conferencing.

#3 We simplified complexities

We guided a married couple through a series of complex estate-planning discussions to prepare them for meeting with their attorney and CPA. They had many decisions to make concerning their businesses, family and charity, and we pieced together all the moving parts to ensure forward momentum on the project.

#2 We coordinated prescription payments

We set up a system to ensure continued access to the care and medicine for a homebound client.

#1 We saved a cat

When a 90-year-old client called, distraught about her sick cat on a Saturday morning, we stepped in to drive her and her cat to the emergency vet.

We enjoy tackling the tasks that are important to our clients but don’t necessarily fall within the services provided by our clients’ other professional advisors. We love jumping in to solve problems, wherever and whenever we are needed. Always let us know what we can do to help!