Angela Alvig, CPA

Why Do You Need a Family CFO Team?

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Country legend (and sometimes philosopher) Dolly Parton once advised, “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

When our Family CFO Team meets with a new client, we ask them to visualize the future they want for themselves. We ask that they envision all aspects of their life, the activities they want more time for and the feelings they desire. We also ask our clients to identify what they no longer want to do.

We record these as goals and create a custom plan based on all our client’s preferences.Our Family CFO Team implements this plan, checking in regularly on these goals to measure our success in meeting their needs.

In the implementation stage, we coordinate with the client’s existing team of professional advisors.This ensures our client’s confidence and trust that Simplify Wealth’s Family CFO Team will smoothly implement all responsibilities.

Our clients feel relief and a sense of freedom, knowing they no longer need to worry about the many details that consumed their life. Their eyes light up when they consider a life without paying bills, managing piles of financial paperwork, dealing with their taxes, or managing the minutiae of their business and household.

A new client told us she works from sunup to sundown - on financial, family and household tasks. It all runs through her, but she doesn’t want or need it to. She said, “I want to be one of those ‘ladies who lunch’, even just once.”

Another client was managing her multiple homes - paying bills, scheduling maintenance, and managing vendors. She said, “I haven’t been able to play golf in months and want to get back to playing 2 times a week again.”

Some clients are not comfortable learning such tasks. One client, after losing her husband, told us, “I’ve gone 75 years without paying bills. I’m not starting now.”

Because we keep our clients fully informed of all activities we do for them, they are still in control of all aspects of their lives. This allows them to live as they dream, leaving all the details to us.

The range of projects and responsibilities we manage for our clients is far-reaching: Bill Pay, Cash Flow Management, Personal and Business Bookkeeping, Tax Return Coordination, Professional Advisor Coordination, Insurance Coordination, Estate Planning Coordination, Family Meetings, Household Management, and Next Generation Education. Our approach is 100% customized to each client.

Simplify Wealth’s Family CFO Team has lifted the burden from many clients. Knowing they can enjoy life and leave the details to us inspires us to serve at the highest level.

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