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Do you need a Personal CFO?

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Do you need a Personal CFO?

When organizations get complicated, crucial top-level tasks are too much for one person, so a CEO, CFO, and COO often collaborate.

In some families, this teamwork is necessary too, to keep personal finances running smoothly.

One person (or even a couple) doesn’t have the experience or knowledge to handle executive, financial and operational duties. Or, if they are capable of all these functions, they have little bandwidth left to actually enjoy life. 

At Simplify Wealth, we offer Personal Wealth CFO services, to keep tabs on the big picture; to interface with your team of financial experts (CPA, attorney, financial advisor, etc.); to filter, integrate and communicate pertinent information to you so you can make wise decisions. 

We can be your ongoing CFO, or we can help you get organized and launched on a project so you can take over with confidence. 

Is A Personal CFO Right For You? 

Reflect on these questions: Your gut will help you decide if a Personal CFO will improve your life. 

  •  Do you often feel overwhelmed by your day to day finances?
  • Do you want to take charge of your financial decision making, but you need better financial organization/information to do so?
  • Have you recently experienced a life event that compels you to take on a financial management role with which you aren’t entirely comfortable?
  • Do you have several homes or real estate properties and need help managing all of the bills and other administration?
  • Are you an investor with complex holdings of real estate and other investments, and need help tracking it all?
  • Does your spouse or partner manage all of the finances, leaving you uncertain about the consequences if something happened to them, and you had to take over? Would it ease your stress to have a documented transition plan?
  • Are you solely responsible for your personal financial management, and seek a partner to walk alongside you so you don’t have to go it alone?
  • Does managing the details of your personal finances take time you’d rather spend in other, more enjoyable, ways? 
  • Do health problems or other challenges prevent you from optimal financial organization and management?
  • Does a family member depend on you for financial management, and you seek support for them, to relieve your own burden of responsibilities?
  • Are you currently acting as Trustee or Personal Representative, but need support in your role?
  • Does your family have a shared vision through family partnerships, trusts and other family entities? Do you want help managing the details, so you can focus on family goals and objectives?

Simplify Wealth Can Simplify Your Life

Simplify Wealth can be your Personal CFO, aggregating information, getting your assets organized, documenting and completing financial management tasks and helping you keep tabs on both the details and the big picture. Ask yourself: Will my life be enriched if I have a trusted partner streamlining my responsibilities and helping me integrate and understand the many aspects of my complicated financial life? Call us any time at 612-203-2718, we’d be happy to have a conversation with you.