Angela Alvig, CPA

What is a Family CFO Team?

Published May 20215 minute readInsights from Angela Alvig

Before I started Simplify Wealth, I worked with clients as a tax advisor. I was just one of several specialists hired to help manage a family’s finances.

My clients had the qualified team of professionals they needed, yet they were still overwhelmed by the daily demands of their finances and the responsibility of coordinating the different, yet interrelated, aspects of their wealth.

I witnessed successful, thriving families for whom wealth was not a source of comfort or freedom.In fact, it had become a chore.

Instead of using their means to provide opportunities for their loved ones, help others, or pursue their passions, my clients were spending their time managing the wealth they had spent their lives building. This became a burden that kept them from fully enjoying their life.

These families had quality advisors supporting their wealth strategy. However, the day-to-day coordination and management of their finances and team of advisors was being neglected. 

What they lacked was a central nervous system – the wiring that makes the whole thing work.

I founded Simplify Wealth after identifying this gap in wealth administration. We provide the big picture perspective and a full-service team to support and coordinate all aspects of a client’s personal and financial life.

“Family CFO Team” is the name we coined for this high level of service. A Family CFO Team consists of trusted individuals servicing specific needs of the family and coordinating a team of outside professionals.

Our Family CFO Team establishes trust with the families we serve. In fact, our clients routinely ask us to work directly with their parents and children. Our intention is to improve the wellbeing of every member of the family.

My team has facilitated major purchases for clients, connected them with experts we know and trust, and helped families hire services for home and business. We have coordinated personal and commercial real estate acquisitions. We have administered family foundations and planned and facilitated family meetings. The list of things we do for our clients, as their Family CFO Team, is endless.

This personal touch is essential as our clients age and others must assume responsibilities for their family’s wealth. Simplify Wealth’s Family CFO Team draws on years of experience to assist clients during emotional and stressful moments and the mundane, everyday challenges, too.

We use a unique approach as a Family CFO Team. In the weeks ahead, I will share the different ways we provide Family CFO Team services to our clients, and help them answer questions such as:

  • WHY they need a Family CFO Team.  Can they picture their life and where they want it to go? I will share some examples of client visions that led to a partnership with us. 
  • WHO can effectively lead their Family CFO Team.  Once they know why they want a Family CFO Team to support them, it is important to understand the characteristics and expertise required of their team. I will explain the professional qualities of an optimal team. 
  • WHAT their Family CFO Team will do for them.  They know the areas of their life that cause stress and deplete their energy and time.  I will identify a menu of services that their family can select from, based on their priorities. 
  • HOW they can structure their Family CFO Team.  An optimal structure will match their specific family needs. I will discuss the benefits of various options to match their current lifestyle and the level of complexity they wish to introduce into their life.

I am committed to helping families live the life they desire. Our Family CFO Team is designed to make that happen.

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